We would like to offer our thanks to:

Ann, who translated countless versions of programmes, biographies and songs with her adorable feeling for language.

Claudio, Julie, Ann, Penny, Alex, Silvia, Family Bournisien, Mr. Lorenz, Flo, Marc, Giovanni and Mr. Stowasser for their language coaching and their indispensable help with translations.

Hans, Meinrad and Toni for their wise counsel and practical help.

Evelyn, Tony, Andreas, Andrea and Christina for their invaluable suggestions and their staunch support.

The Schola, its teachers and its employees, for providing not only a structured learning environment but also the space for playful development.

Our private chef Ralph for his inspiring and inspired dinners.

Those operators of public transport who finally agreed that a harp is not a bike and does not in every case need a ticket of its own.

Uldis for the encouraging and supportive use of his photographic skills, which quite literally led us up hill and down dale.

Jakob, Markus, Claudio and Andreas for keeping Ulrike's computer happy and in a good mood - essential for all savādic work.

All who helped designing this virtual performance through the use of their critical eye, above all the ingenious Steffen!

All who supported us by their encouragement and by visiting our concerts and this homepage - therefore also YOU!